Live at 4:20: Big Ideas from High Rollers

Sept. 22, 2021 ** 4:20pm PST ** Interview with Stephanie Suarez

This is the first in a regular series of live interviews with local artists, activists and people-doing-good-things, broadcast to Instagram from the roller skate headquarters of New Bologna Holdings at the Old Town Antique Mall in Salinas, CA.

Episode #1 profiles our friend and local maker, Stephanie Suarez. This gem of a person first got our attention on a Mutual Aid call last winter with her delicious screen name, Lil' Burrito, but that was just the beginning. Lil' Burrito follows a long honored tradition of radical & revolutionary artists, combining multimedia elements (like--lots of them, too many to list), critical social theory & powerful earth magic to transform personal adversity, and her own observations of the many ugly aspects of 2021 we witness daily, into objects of beauty, adornment and healing. Woven throughout, is an enduring commitment to social justice and those most marginalized by the mainstream. Her frequent letter-writing events, held for LGBTQ people incarcerated in area prisons, are a great example of of what makes Stephanie such a valuable artist & community member.

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