Live at 4:20: Ariel Mar by the Sea

Settling in to our new corner of the universe here at the Antique Mall in Old Town Salinas, one thing is clear: There is not a shortage of colorful characters (both alive and otherwise), hidden histories (told via the most esoteric of means) and vibrantly unique wares (using the term in the broadest and most positive sense possible) from which to get lost in, and share with you here. The abundance is near paralyzing!

That said--it is a pleasure to begin these introductions with one of our most talented and inspiring new neighbors, Ariel Mar. Ariel is one of those people we felt an instant resonance and chemistry with -- even before we were familiar with her impressive catalog of work. This initial inclination was immediately confirmed over the time-honored tradition of an exchange of stickers-- which offered the first glimpse of Ariel's art (that of course spans MUCH more than stickers).

In one of the best-vibed nooks of this historic building, Ariel runs her workshop. Her illustrations and prints are a mythic mash up of cacti and planets, a trip through the local and the universe and your own head, the political intertwined with the metaphysical-- a feast for the mind, curated with equal parts skill, passion, kindness and curiosity. The "about" section of her website says simply, "Made with love in Salinas, CA." The sentiment is evident throughout her work, both in its depth and authenticity.

Tune in for our interview with Ariel Mar Wednesday, Sept. 28, Live at 4:20p on the NBH WOW Instagram. We'll be asking her more about her path out of Salinas to LA & then back again, and what it means to be an artist in an age of Covid, when symbols are a weapon of war, and art is the battlefield..

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